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Up in the air

From a paramotor flight above the desert dunes to a scenic seaplane tour over the cityscape, these aerial experiences allow you to see the UAE from a whole new perspective


A seaplane flight offers an unforgettable way to view some of the UAE’s most iconic landmarks. Seawings has tours in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, offering a unique vantage point to admire the likes of Burj Khalifa and Dubai Creek, as well as the capital’s delights including Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and the mangrove forests.


A paramotor flight will make you feel like a real-life superhero as the part-kart, part-jet, part-parachute machine allows you to soar 3,000 feet above the ground. With very little between you and the elements, Dubai is one of a handful of places in the world where you can try it. At Skydive Dubai Desert Campus, a tandem flight guided by an instructor will see you cruise above the desert dunes, admiring the wildlife and landscape below. 


Experience the thrill of flying over Dubai’s dazzling landscape with a gyrocopter flight. Ideal for adrenaline seekers, the experience sees you soaring 1,500 feet above the emirate’s most iconic landmarks – from Palm Jumeirah and The World Islands to Burj Al Arab Jumeirah and Ain Dubai – in this unique two-seater aircraft with a pilot in command (if you’re lucky, you might also get the chance to try the controls yourself). We can’t think of a better way to add another feat to your adventure diaries.


There’s nothing quite like experiencing the desert landscape from the serene heights of a hot air balloon ride. With Balloon Adventures, you’ll take off at dawn and watch the dunes light up below you as the sun rises, admiring the golden sands and the herds of indigenous animals, including gazelles and Arabian oryx, roaming below.


There’s something uniquely thrilling and cinematic about seeing a city from the heights of a helicopter ride. Helidubai offers just that, with tour packages that range from a quick 12-minute flight, taking in the highlights of the emirate, to a more extensive 40-minute tour that lets you truly relax and enjoy the sights. Available as both private and shared tours, catch a fascinating glimpse of some of the most iconic landmarks in the emirate.


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