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The way you move

Luxury maison Montblanc is “On The Move” with its Fall/Winter 2022 campaign that spotlights a cross-category collection of products for those who move through life with purpose and style

At the turn of the 20th century, travel was beginning to boom, with people navigating the world more than ever before, setting off on new adventures aboard majestic ocean liners, aeroplanes and luxury trains. The advent of these new forms of transportation in the early 1900s meant that a quill sitting in a pot of ink was no longer practical to those who wished to stay connected to their craft while on the go. Writing instruments which travelled in their owners’ pockets and bags, therefore, rose to prominence.

Recognising this major shift in the way people moved, Montblanc set out to create some of the most sought-after writing instruments of the time, perfectly complemented by a range of leather goods to accompany those who embraced their new-found mobility.

Fast forward to the present and the way we move has drastically transformed. Yet, Montblanc’s spirit of innovation could not be more relevant. Whether it’s in an electric car, on a private jet, during your daily commute or while endurance training on a race track, moving through life with style and purpose means having finely crafted companions to accompany you on this journey. And with Montblanc’s latest On The Move line, you can take luxury with you wherever you go.

Highlighted in the maison’s new campaign is a cross-category collection of contemporary products for life on the move, which are brought together to articulate a new vision of mobility at the heart of the brand’s DNA.

“Montblanc has always understood the power of mobility, to move freely not just physically, but moving ahead to grow and ultimately thrive. With this new campaign, we are encouraging a new generation of Montblanc customers to get out and move with passion, curiosity and style, as they pursue what truly matters to them in life,” explained Vincent Montalescot, Montblanc’s Chief Marketing Officer.

The new campaign is helmed by renowned actor Cillian Murphy, who is seen navigating the world in a direction that differs from everyone else’s, whether it’s in the roles he chooses or the highly acclaimed performances he delivers. His bold decisions serve as a fine example, with the underlying message – the way we move inspires the mark we make – effortlessly shining through.

Cillian said: “It’s easy to question whether you have taken the right direction in life and wonder what might have been if you had taken another path. While the way we move certainly defines us, this campaign ultimately reveals that if you do what moves you and really means something to you, then you are likely travelling in the right direction.”

In the campaign, Cillian is seen sporting the Montblanc Extreme 3.0 backpack with the proprietary climbing-inspired ‘M’ lock. Further products featured include a StarWalker BlackCosmos writing instrument, the new Summit 3 smartwatch and the 1858 GMT watch.

Rediscover luxury on the move

The brand’s latest collection, Montblanc Extreme 3.0, was conceived for the fast-paced and stylish urban explorer, with goods designed to withstand the demands of everyday travel and new adventures. The collection features sleek new leather shapes, which are treated with a fresh take on the signature Montblanc motif. The line-up also keeps the environment in mind as it features leather obtained from a carbon-neutral tanning process and a lining made from recycled fibres.

The StarWalker BlackCosmos collection of writing instruments evokes the depths of the universe, with a new surface treatment that nods to the compact and rocky surface of celestial bodies. The collection features an all-black precious resin edition with PVD-coated metal fittings, a doué edition with a precious resin barrel paired with a needled metal cap and a metal edition featuring the needled metal effect throughout. Each edition is available as a fountain pen, fine liner and ballpoint.

The Montblanc Summit 3 smartwatch offers enhanced connectivity for those constantly on the move. It features a case crafted in precious hand-brushed titanium, configurable watch faces rich in details and is paired with calf leather and rubber straps. The smartwatch incorporates the latest Wear OS by Google and curated apps to meet the needs of the wearer.

The line-up includes three versions of the watch: titanium grey paired with black calf and blue rubber straps, titanium black paired with black calf and black rubber straps as well as titanium bicolour paired with a Montblanc Extreme 3.0 British green calf leather strap and black rubber straps.

The Montblanc 1858 GMT Automatic Date is about navigating through different time zones with ease. The ingenious system displays the time in two different places simultaneously without hands, and instead uses a red square that moves around the outside of the dial. It comes in a 42mm stainless steel case with a choice of a black or blue sunray dial, both of which are adorned with blue luminescent hands and indexes, accompanied by a tapered, interchangeable, stainless steel bracelet, which can be switched out for a black or blue rubber strap. The titanium engraved case back displays the continents and oceans, along with the names of cities in each of the 24 time zones, offering a world time indication.


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