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The Pointe welcomes a new Uzbek dining concept

Zor celebrated its grand opening weekend last weekend with a memorable live performance by Uzbek superstar Sevara Nazarkhan on December 17 and 18

There’s a new Uzbek dining destination at The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah and we couldn’t be more excited about its unique culinary offered. Zor celebrated its grand opening last weekend with a performance to remember delivered by Uzbek superstar Sevara Nazarkhan.

We’re expecting bookings to be filled fast in the weeks ahead, thanks to the exquisite culinary offering available at the venue. It brings together the best of  Uzbek’s authentic culture and cuisine to the Middle East, delivering an exceptional experience unlike any other.

A melting pot of flavours

Uzbekistan’s heritage is one that is embedded with numerous influences from neighbouring nations. As a result, many Uzbek recipes have been passed down through the centuries. Today, they continue to be prepared with various rituals that elevate the dining experience to all-new heights. 

The carefully curated menu at Zor combines age-old Uzbek recipes together with modern technology and the best of ingredients sourced directly from multiple provinces within Uzbekistan. Highlights from the flavourful menu include traditional Uzbek beef and lamb soup cooked with an array of vegetables and served with a side of sour cream and lamb chops.

A must-try is the osh, a much-loved dish of tenderly braised lamb meat, garlic and burned onions all cooked to perfection with rice and served with an achichuk salad. Zor also offers guests an array of succulent meat skewers, served straight from the grill including shashlik, koftas and juicy cooked lamb chops.

Impressive interiors

To dine at Zor is to experience the historic charm of Uzbekistan and to understand what makes the nation, its cuisine and its heritage stand out. The venue is set over two expansive floors and has an outside terrace overlooking the spectacular record-breaking fountains. The spectacular venue lends itself to relaxed nights out or special occasions.

For reservations, contact 04 5669612 or visit


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