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The Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery is set to showcase Manu Algueró’s works

The Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery on Dubai’s Bluewaters will soon be home to a spectacular display featuring creative works from artist Manu Algueró.

Barcelona-born painter Manu Algueró’s is preparing for a stunning showcase at the Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery on Dubai’s Bluewaters Dubai art gallery from January 14 to March 7.

Known for his paintings, which express the beauty of change and new perspectives, Algueró’s works are particularly significant in this period of drastic change. Titled “The Art of Explosion”, it pays tribute to these chaotic times, when the world has witnessed a transformation in everything that was once considered normal and traditional.

Algueró’s solo exhibition at Oblong will showcase a selection of 11 abstract paintings. Featuring echoes of American abstract expressionism, his immense canvases draw audiences in with their interplay of matter, colour and artist’s gesture in search of visual impact.

A large amount of paint is used in his works in order to create multiple textures and shades.  Besides their technical vigour, Manu’s artworks also show the artist’s interest in the study of the human face, which is suggested by his highly dramatic unfinished figures.

Fans looking to explore more of Algueró’s works will be delighted to know that his art is part of the permanent collection at Museo Can Framis and Museo Art Contemporani Espais Volart in Barcelona, Girona’s Museo Can Mario and Museo Palau Solterra as well as Morocco’s Assilah Museum. 


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