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Pullman Hotel JLT welcomes a new Belgian restaurant

All the way from Brussels in the land of luxury chocolates, waffles, arts, culture and history comes Le Petit Belge, a brand new restaurant at Pullman Hotel JLT bringing the very best of Belgium’s culinary delights to the emirate. A reinterpretation of the typical Belgian café, the venue highlights the traditional Belgian style of dining with unrivalled hospitality as well as new and contemporary offerings that are sure to keep you coming back for more.

The menu is packed with classic choices including mussels, cooked in a variety of sauces, tender veal sausages, lobster rolls and plenty of options for dessert, from chocolate mousse to apple crumble.

The eatery boasts plenty of character and promises diners the true Belgian experience, as a testament to the culture and cuisine of this land of many wonders.


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