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Pandora celebrates 20 years of the Moments bracelet

The Snake chain bracelet was the first Pandora Moments bracelet designed and launched 20 years ago and has since become an iconic canvas on which people can tell their story and express themselves

For Pandora, September is an opportunity to honour the Pandora Moments charm bracelet concept with a new piece that reimagines the design elements that resonate so deeply with consumers worldwide.

To that end, joining the Pandora Icons collection this month are a bold new snake chain bracelet with an innovative and stylish closure design as well as a sleek series of other pieces, featuring a pattern inspired by the snake chain bracelet.

The hugely popular and entirely unique Pandora Moments snake chain bracelet was first released in 2000 and has since become integral to Pandora’s aesthetic language. With its balance of feminine and masculine features and detailed yet simple structure, the snake chain is a canvas that allows for creative self-expression.

In conceptualising the new pieces for the celebration, Pandora’s design team worked tirelessly to distil the pattern of the snake chain and maintain its integrity while reinterpreting it in modern ways. The new bracelet, a charm, pendant, earrings and a ring join the Pandora Icons collection to pay tribute to the brand’s extraordinary beginnings by celebrating with statement designs for the future.


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