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New artists to perform on Dubai Opera’s Social media accounts

Dubai Opera’s series of exclusive online performances continues with Ghalia Benali, Sandra Sahi and Isabel María Cañada Luna

Echoing the success of the Dubai Opera online performances programme, the series continues with a long-anticipated performance by Tunisian artist Ghalia Benali on Thursday, 11 June whose past performance at Dubai Opera was a huge success in 2019.  Dubai based Pop artist, Sandra Sahi, will meet Dubai Opera’s audience for the first time in an online interactive session taking place on Dubai Opera’s Instagram 25 June. Classical singing lovers will also enjoy a performance by Spanish soprano Isabel María Cañada Luna on Dubai Opera’s Facebook account on July 1st with selected opera favourites, oratories and songs from her repertoire. 

Here is a glimpse at Dubai Opera’s upcoming online sessions:

Ghalia Benali – Thursday, June 11, 8 PM (Instagram)

Known as “a maker of her own myths” as described by The New York Times, Tunisian artist Ghalia Benali started her artistic career in 1992 as a singer, writer, composer, dancer, visual artist, painter, designer and actress.

Blending different types of music, connecting different cultures; reviving the old and rooting the new is a natural outcome of mixing the two extremes she lived through. Born in Brussels, raised in south Tunisia, Ghalia studied Graphic Design in St. LUC Institute – Brussels. Her music has been noted for its attribution to multiple genres and defining contemporary Arabic music.

Accompanied by musician Ali Shaker Al-Bayati on Qanun, Ghalia Benali will perform her best songs in an interactive session on Instagram and Dubai opera’s social platforms where she will be taking live requests. Benali will also introduce a new song written by Emirati poet “Meera Al-Kasem”, on music produced and composed by Ghalia Benali, exclusively for Dubai Opera’s audience.

Sandra Sahi – Thursday, June 25, 8pm (Instagram)

Iraqi-Belgian artist Sandra Sahi is a pop and R&B artist based in Dubai. Twenty-year-old Sandra is known for her diversity; she will be performing in English, French & Arabic in her upcoming songs. She has specialized in the Oriental Pop genre, which she believes could potentially have a big place in the music industry as a perfect medium to unite everyone from around the world.

Isabel María Cañada Luna (Soprano) – Wednesday, July 1, 8pm (Facebook) 

Spanish soprano Isabel María Cañada Luna started her voice and piano lessons at a very young age. Her love of Opera would flourish during her formative years, leading her to pursue a degree in voice at the Escuela Superior de Canto de Madrid. By the age of 24, Isabel had already graced the stages of the Konzerthaus Berlin and the Berliner Philharmonie, in addition to winning a place in the Ciclo de Jóvenes Cantantes 2015 by AAOM.

Currently based in Dubai, Isabel has performed in theatres all around the world, like the Teatro Real in Madrid, Dubai Opera, Abu Dhabi National Theater, Tianjin Grand Theater, and Yangzhou Concert Hall, among others. Isabel has been performing in her production, Echoes of Spain since 2016, as well as singing and appearing at the Dubai Expo 2020 commercial, the film of Barry Purves Plume and TV shows like El Hormiguero.


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