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Montblanc launches its new Meisterstück range inspired by Le Petit Prince

In an ode to the little boy who taught the world how to live and love, Montblanc’s newest writing instruments highlight the timeless hidden wisdom in literary great Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s much-loved book, Le Petit Prince. The power of imagination inspires this collection within the Montblanc Meisterstück range, which has, through the years, played an iconic role in the writing culture.

Saint-Exupéry’s tale chronicles the fateful encounter between a pilot and a little prince from a distant planet. The prince recounts his journey from an asteroid to earth and the strange rendezvous he’s had with six adults along the way, all of whom are overly consumed by their occupations. He also speaks of his meeting with a fox, who teaches him that the important things in life are visible only to the heart.

The story explores the importance of reconnecting with one’s inner child. Capturing this simple message is the Montblanc Meisterstück Le Petit Prince edition with design elements that celebrate Saint-Exupéry’s powerful words and illustrations. Each of these pieces pays tribute to a character or an element of the story, from the night-blue colour that evokes the universe surrounding the young prince to the golden star, a reminder of his presence in the heavens.

On the cap of every piece, you will also find the face of a fox embedded on the surface while the pattern also covers the barrel of the Meisterstück Le Petit Prince Solitaire. A closer look at the nibs of each will reveal an illustration of the prince and the fox, a nod to the lessons the little boy learnt from his furry friend. The duo is intricately engraved in 14-karat rhodium on the Meisterstück Le Petit Prince Solitaire and in gold on the 18-karat nib of the Meisterstück Le Petit Prince Doué ClassiqueEdition. The Meisterstück Le Petit Prince Doué Classique Edition also stands out from the collection for its blue barrel and platinum-coated cap pairing. Completing each of these unique pieces are key quotes from the original French novel that convey positive thoughts and messages.

Montblanc extends the writing experience with a special dark orange ink, symbolising the fox’s orange fur, and a leather notebook in Saffiano leather with a print on the cover inspired by the author’s illustrations. The story has also inspired a selection of men’s accessories including a pair of round stainless steel cufflinks, a stainless steel and blue lacquer money clip and a woven leather bracelet with a yellow star.

While various symbols on each instrument represent different meanings from the tale, the complete piece embodies the cultural influence of Saint-Exupéry’s story. And just as the ideas, dreams and thoughts the titular character shares with the world around him, Montblanc’s reaffirms that writing is a gift to be passed from one generation to another with positive thoughts, the sentiments of love and memories that nurture human bonds.

Discover the collection at the Montblanc boutiques at The Dubai Mall 04 4340300 or The Galleria on Al Maryah Island 02 6764776


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