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Jubail Island unveils a stunning art installation

Running until January 30, visitors in Jubail Island, Abu Dhabi will be able to experience a unique display of light, art and music

On the UAE’s 49th National Day last month, Jubail Island in Abu Dhabi led the celebrations with an immersive ‘Seeds of the Union’ show that was streamed live on television and online. The centrepiece of the event, a piece of kinetic art titled ‘The Seed’, has now become an installation on the island for the public to enjoy until January 30, 2021.

Guests who missed the inaugural spectacle will now have a chance to see the masterpiece up close with a visit to the site until the end of this month. But that’s not all! Those in attendance will be able to experience this unique piece of moving art with stunning visuals that represent the evolution of the seed as it shoots out steams, flowers and propagates.

Set on a new beach on Jubail Island, the stunning sculpture is the focal point of a 400-seater area, which can accommodate guests in a safe environment, with all social distancing protocols in place. The site opens just in time for a spectacular sunset display, complete with light, art and music amid the island’s majestic mangrove forests.

The kinetic sculpture has been devised by world-renowned creative director Es Devlin in collaboration with a team of Emirati creatives. Funds collected from ticket sales will be used towards the conservation of the mangroves.

Tickets are priced at AED30 for adults and AED15 for children from seven to 17 years of age. The site is open daily from 5pm (except Sundays) while the audio-visual experience plays from 6pm to 8pm. Refreshments are available at the on-site food trucks. 

To book tickets, visit


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