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Island escapes

This holiday season, book a private seaplane charter with Seawings and fly to your next island holiday in style – the perfect treat for families and couples looking to discover the UAE capital

Abu Dhabi is well known for its cultural landmarks, plush resorts and glamorous malls, yet some of the greatest adventures can be found on its smaller islands. The UAE capital is made up of more than 200 islands, some of which can easily be accessed by road and ferry. But with so much to discover, one of the best ways to take it all in is by flying to your destination, allowing more time for exploration. In keeping with the luxury that awaits visitors on these islands, seaplane charter company, Seawings, offers private flights from Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

With Cessna seaplanes for up to nine passengers, each seat is by the window to ensure uninterrupted aerial vistas. The water take-off and landing add to the sense of escape. But nothing beats the thrill of viewing the UAE’s most remarkable sights from 1,500 feet above the ground. Making family holidays even more memorable this season, Seawings offers two exclusive island experiences. Nestled in the remote far western region of Abu Dhabi, Sir Bani Yas Island promises an African-style safari without leaving the region. While off the coast of Saadiyat Island, Zaya Nurai Island serves as the ideal tropical escape for beach lovers. What makes the experience even more exciting is cutting down on the long road and ferry commute, and arriving at your destination in style. 

/ Sir Bani Yas Island

A stunning combination of rugged landscapes, mangrove forests and coastal waters, the charming Sir Bani Yas Island can be accessed by a five-hour road and ferry journey. But a seaplane flight promises the quickest (and most scenic) route. On the island, embark on a safari through the Arabian Wildlife Park, home to more than 13,000 free-roaming animals, including indigenous species like the Arabian oryx and sand gazelle. Even the waters surrounding Sir Bani Yas Island are teeming with dolphins and sea turtles. For history buffs, the destination boasts one of the region’s oldest archaeological sites with the most significant discovery being the ruins of an ancient Christian monastery that dates back to the late sixth century AD. While a day trip is a great option, those looking to make the most of their visit can extend their escape with a stay at a trio of plush Anantara resorts. 

Make it happen with Seawings  

  1. Board your 60-minute private return seaplane flight to Sir Bani Yas Island from Dubai or Abu Dhabi with Seawings

  2. Embark on a wildlife safari on the island to get up close to several different species of indigenous fauna

  3. Tuck into a sumptuous three-course lunch at a signature dining venue found in one of three Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island resorts

  4. Get a same-day return transfer by road or request to upgrade to a return charter flight

  5. Extend your visit with an overnight stay in one of three Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island resorts for an additional cost  

/ Zaya Nurai Island

Abu Dhabi’s popular private island resort, Zaya Nurai Island packs sun, sand and sea into one mesmerising experience. But it’s hard to imagine a tropical retreat in the heart of the desert. In fact, that first glimpse of the island from the skies will leave you thinking you’ve reached remote Pacific shores, thanks to powdery white sands, lush greens and blue waters as far as the eye can see. Equipped with all the makings of an exotic beachside holiday, Zaya Nurai Island boasts a range of offerings for families with junior travellers, couples and groups. Spend the day enjoying the sandy stretch of beach, hop on a giant swing in the middle of the ocean, take on adrenaline-fuelled water sports, sip and savour tropical beverages and tempting bites all day long, or for a little more relaxation, book a treatment at Nurai Spa. 

Make it happen with Seawings 

  1. Board your 45-minute private return seaplane flight to Zaya Nurai Island from Dubai or Abu Dhabi with Seawings

  2. Lounge on the beach, take a dip in the infinity pool or enjoy activities such as snorkelling, diving, paddleboarding, jet skiing and kayaking

  3. Take your pick from one of six speciality dining venues for lunch or dinner

  4. Enjoy state-of-the-art relaxation facilities at Nurai Spa

  5. Get a same-day return transfer by road or request to upgrade to a return charter flight

  6. Extend your visit with an overnight stay for an additional cost  

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