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Indulge your creative streak from home

Soon-to-open Theatre of Digital Art (ToDA) announces online art masterclasses run by UAE-based artists

As the UAE employs responsible social distancing and the community explores new ways to stay upbeat and productive at home, Dubai’s soon-to-open Theatre of Digital Art (ToDA) is rolling out a series of online masterclasses to engage the community. Yes, this is your chance to take on the challenge and tap into their creative side. 

Opening later this year, ToDA Dubai will serve as a platform that brings showcases art as a tool for education and entertainment. It will combine all three formats of digital art: multimedia exhibitions, contemporary immersive installations and virtual reality experiences.

Through a series of masterclasses, ToDA Dubai will educate, empower and inspire a new generation of creatives, targeting all age groups in the UAE. 

“Art is often considered an excellent form of therapy and encourages people to express their feelings while offering a creative outlet,” said Oleg Marinin, Partner at ToDA. “In an increasingly digitalised world, ToDA’s avant-garde take on 18th and 19th-century art brings timeless expressionist, impressionist and abstract art pieces into the modern era. Through the masterclasses and ‘stay-at-home’ challenge, we hope to build a bridge between creative young minds and iconic art styles, while giving residents a creative outlet that can be enjoyed by the whole family”.

Bleu De Ceil by Kadinsky

ToDA Dubai is collaborating with two prominent UAE-based artists, Laila Ali Masri and Amrita Sethi, who will each take to Instagram @todadubai to demonstrate impressionist art techniques perfected by legendary artists that include Claude Monet, Georges Seurat, Wassily Kandinsky, Vincent Van Gogh and more. 

On Tuesday, March 31 at 4pm, Laila Al Masri, who specialises in abstract and figurative art, will demonstrate how art fans can recreate Matisse cut-outs and impressionist paintings using materials found at home. Tune into her Instagram page @lailamasristudioo for information on what to prepare before the masterclass.

On Wednesday, April 1 at 6pm, Amrita Sethi, who specialises in creating art based on voice notes, will demonstrate how art fans can recreate their own Kandinsky masterpiece at home, using simple materials. Tune in on her Instagram for information on what materials to keep ready before the masterclass.

For more information visit  View more: Instagram: @todadubai


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