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With several stylish stores and an online shop stocked with renowned brands, Rivoli Eyezone meets all of your eyewear needs. For more than three decades, Rivoli Group has been a trusted name for those in search of high-end lifestyle goods, boasting a portfolio of more than 110 prestigious brands. For the last eight years, Rivoli Eyezone has carved out a similar reputation, thanks to the company providing expert vision care and luxury fashion eyewear through its network of stores across the GCC.

Today, Rivoli Eyezone has more than 30 concept stores, and a slick e-commerce site, offering a wide range of sunglasses, prescription lenses, optical frames and contact lenses for men, women and children. These are available from a number of luxury brands including Tom Ford, Cartier, Roberto Cavalli, Ermenegildo Zegna and many more. Each of the well-designed stores also has a team of highly skilled optometrists to ensure that customers receive the highest quality vision care.

Along with a team of eyecare specialists, each Rivoli Eyezone store has expertly trained stylists on hand to help customers pick out eyewear to complement their look and their lifestyle, making the shopping experience streamlined and stress free. Rivoli Eyezone also uses state-of-the-art technology in all its stores. It provides 3D integrated lens dispensing systems that ensure optical lenses are customised to each individual’s measurements and lifestyle needs. As an added service to clients, Fundus Photography is also available, which uses a specialised camera to photograph the retina so that any underlying health risks can be highlighted.

The company has recently launched the latest Japanese Blue Light protection optical lenses, which have been specifically designed to filter out harmful blue-violet light. This can be found in sunlight and through artificial sources such as cell phones and computers. With Rivoli Eyezone’s e-commerce site, customers have the option of trying on sunglasses and eyeglasses from the comfort of their own homes, an option exclusive to those in the UAE. For those with access to a webcam, the Virtual 3D try-on option allows customers to use a live 3D facial scan to see their chosen frames in real time.

Alternatively, the site also offers an at-home service that provides customers with the chance to order up to four Guess frames to try on at home. They can then try them for up to four days before ordering their chosen frame.

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