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From the sea to the skies

Venture beyond the UAE’s stunning coast to discover the Omani peninsula of Musandam, where dramatic mountainscapes and turquoise waters provide a complete contrast to life in the emirates

It takes a little less than three hours to drive from Dubai or Abu Dhabi to Musandam, but entering Oman’s northern peninsula can feel as though you’ve stepped into another world. As you sweep past the glitzy emirates, the skyscrapers and megamalls dominating the skyline transform into sweeping mountain ranges and pristine fjords.

Against this mesmerising backdrop, Musandam stands out for its otherworldly charm. With so much ground to cover – think the dramatic Hajar Mountains and the glistening waters of the Gulf of Oman – one of the best ways to take it all in is from the skies. In fact, that first aerial glimpse of this scenic getaway destination sets the scene for an unforgettable day out. And a short 55-minute seaplane flight is all it takes, allowing you a little more time to discover the wonders of nature in this secluded Omani paradise.

Did you know? Seawings is the only seaplane operator in the UAE? With a fleet of five Cessna 208 aircraft, the luxury tour provider offers scenic seaplane flights within Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well as exclusive charters for those looking to venture to the northern emirates and beyond.  

Seaplane tour operator and charter company Seawings operates private return flights from Dubai to Al Dana in Fujairah, followed by road transfers to Oman’s Dibba Bay in a luxury vehicle. While the thrill of taking off from the waters of the busy Dubai Creek is an exhilarating experience in itself, nothing compares to taking in views of the UAE’s striking coastline from 1,500 feet above the ground when you’re northward bound for Oman. After the scenic road trip from Fujairah to Dibba Bay, a private dhow awaits to whisk you through the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Oman. This traditional boat features three decks and is equipped with modern amenities and comforts to ensure a smooth-sailing four-hour cruise. 

Head towards the uppermost outer deck if you’re looking to relax and soak up the sun while admiring the gorgeous views surrounding you. During the cooler months, dolphins can be spotted playing in the bay, making for plenty of photo opportunities. If adventure is on the cards, jump right into the blue for a swim. And with all the necessary equipment on board, you can also grab a mask and snorkel through Musandam’s clear waters to get up close to the exotic and colourful marine species that inhabit the world beneath the waves.

Tour highlights

  1. Take off on a 55-minute private seaplane flight from Dubai Creek to Al Dana in Fujairah

  2. Enjoy aerial views of the UAE coast from 1,500 feet above the ground

  3. All Cessna seaplanes offer window seats for up to nine passengers

  4. Take in scenic views during the 40-minute road transfer in a luxury car from Fujairah to Dibba Bay in Oman – border formalities will be taken care of

  5. Hop on board a three-deck traditional dhow for a four-hour cruise in Musandam

  6. Add to your adventure diaries with a snorkelling or kayaking trip through the waters

  7. Enjoy a sumptuous gourmet lunch on board with refreshments before heading back to Dubai  

For something a little less adventurous, paddling through the gulf on a kayak under the afternoon sun is also a great option. And you can top it all off with a sumptuous gourmet lunch served on board before making your way back to Dubai. 


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