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Fouquet’s Abu Dhabi is now open at Louvre Abu Dhabi

While the museum remains closed until June 24, guests can access the classic Parisian brasserie from Gate 2 of Louvre Abu Dhabi

Fouquet’s restaurant located within Louvre Abu Dhabi is pleased to announce that it is now open to all guests with no exceptions while remaining fully compliant with the Abu Dhabi health authorities’ guidelines.   

While the museum remains closed until the 24th of June, guests can access the classic Parisian brasserie from Gate 2 of Louvre Abu Dhabi and enjoy a lovely walk under the beautiful iconic Dome prior to their dining experience.

Guests can enjoy the A La Carte menu created in collaboration with French Michelin Star Chef, Pierre Gagnaire all day from 12 pm until 9 pm. A testament to his unparalleled creativity and flair, the imaginative menu features French classics injected with an inimitable Gagnaire twist. With spectacular flavours and flawless presentation, dishes remain faithful to the restaurant’s modern French heritage, with particular attention paid to sourcing only the finest ingredients.

To begin, Burgundy snails are cooked to garlicky perfection; the main courses are studded with French gastronomic delights like sole meunière, cooked in lightly browned butter and zesty lemon with a hint of parsley. The shoulder of lamb, served with green lentil hummus and grilled kale, is the pièce de résistance. With desserts to rival the savoury dishes, Fouquet’s traditional millefeuille is its coup-de-grâce, though the glorious twinning of raspberry shortbread with basil and sorbet is also exquisite.

Fouquet’s Abu Dhabi remains true to the brand’s aesthetic codes with its unique ambience and distinctive red leather armchairs. Black and white celebrity portraits from renowned Studio Harcourt and silver napkin rings with celebrities’ names engraved immerse guests in a “red carpet” atmosphere. Overhead, Jean Nouvel’s avant-garde chandeliers float effortlessly above linen-clad tables. The atmosphere of old-fashioned, understated elegance is given a contemporary twist with gallery-white walls, a nod to Louvre Abu Dhabi’s magnificent design by the French architect. Colossal windows draw the eye outwards, to where the glistening Arabian Gulf kisses the horizon.

Fouquet’s is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm to 9pm.


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