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‘Formidable! Aznavour’ at Dubai Opera

Romance is in the air! With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Dubai Opera and Broadway Entertainment Group are offering couples, groups of friends and love birds a once-in-a-lifetime Valentine’s Day celebration with “Formidable! Aznavour”, an exceptional immersive audio-visual experience in celebration of Charles Aznavour’s most romantic songs.

Setting the stage for a romance-filled evening, the show comes to life with original staging and decorations, combined with Aznavour’s world-renowned music, “Formidable! Aznavour” transports audiences back to the streets of Paris; one of the most romantic settings in the world.

The performance is based in the ‘Bohemia’ era, providing an insight into the incredible career of Charles Aznavour through his greatest songs, including ‘La Bohème’, ‘Après l’Amour’, ‘Yesterday, when I was Young’ and ‘She’, which are known throughout the world as integral elements of the world’s musical heritage.

The show is produced and directed by Gil Marsalla, the same director of “Piaf! Le Spectacle”, who, following the massive success of “Piaf! Le Spectacle”, went on to direct and produce “Formidable! Aznavour” in honor of Aznavour’s world-renowned career.

The show is headlined by Jules Grison, one of the most talented French singers and performers of his generation, who brings the story of one of France’s most celebrated singers Charles Aznavour to life.

Performance Times

  1. Thursday 13 February at 8:00pm

  2. Friday 14 February at 3:00pm & 8:00pm

Priced from AED 275


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