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Fabulously French – Top French restaurants in Abu Dhabi

There’s something innately mystical about French food. The authoritarian cooking style, the intense flavour and the sheer amount of authentic recipes that have transcended decades demand a certain passion in the kitchen. And with France being at the centre of the gastronomic universe, considering it’s home to over 450 varieties of cheese since the last count as well as renowned wines and the favourite condiment from Dijon, one can only expect the exceptional. In celebration of all things French and fabulous, we bring to you four gorgeous venues in Abu Dhabi serving traditional cuisine from the land of epicurean excellence.

Le Beaujolais

An intimate charm takes centre stage at Mercure Abu Dhabi Centre Hotel’s authentic French eatery, complete with bistro-style red and white chequered tablecloths and rustic culinary creations that never fail to impress. While the gastronomic focus at Le Beaujolais is all about traditional, homely staples, the restaurant’s experts often curate exclusive seasonal menus showcasing contemporary regional flavours. Partake in this exceptional feast with the bistro’s favourites including grilled sea bass drizzled with lemon butter sauce, Angus beef fillet, rib-eye steak, lamb chops served alongside ratatouille, roasted duck leg with sautéed potatoes and beef bourguignon. Presented with celebratory flair, every item on the menu is packed with fresh and flavourful ingredients imported from Alsace and Picardy, contributing to a genuine and unique dining experience.

Bord Eau

Drawing epicurean inspiration from the famed grape region of Bordeaux, this classy venue, situated within the plush surrounds of Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri, embodies all things French. From its location by Abu Dhabi Grand Canal, offering picturesque waterside views, to its palatial Parisian setting, décor and ambience, the air of opulence is unmistakable. Every dish is a masterpiece, created with fresh and seasonal produce flown in from France. Rediscover classic French culinary panache with robust and refined flavours as you feast on the likes of Australian lamb fillets served alongside spring vegetables and crispy chickpeas, grilled foie gras with a stewed fruit and blue lobster from the French Atlantic coast. For those seeking a truly winning dining experience that surpasses the extraordinary, the five-course blind-tasting menu promises a truly immersive rendezvous with the French art of gastronomy.

Brasserie Flo

Brittany has a lot more to offer than its dramatic coastline, untouched heritage and deep-rooted culture that’s celebrated with an unbeatable sense of fervour. The historic province’s culinary legacy is a big draw with signature touches that subtly seek to enhance classic French cuisine. Bringing this rich gourmet style to the capital is the acclaimed Brasserie Flo. A few moments spent strolling through the gorgeous Venetian Village and you’ll know why this fine dining haunt enjoys immense popularity among gourmands, notwithstanding the exceptional finesse demonstrated by Brasserie Flo’s chefs. Explore the finest Breton-inspired treats and creative beverages against a picturesque seaside setting. Tuck into the restaurant’s highly recommended dishes from cream of pumpkin soup and lobster ravioli to Dover sole and beef bourguignon, cooked in classic meunière style, and you’ll find the bar raised for all your future encounters with French food.

Cafe De La Paix

Enticing aromas of delectable French flavours rise to greet you the moment you step into Café De La Paix, instantly transporting you to the winding alleys of Paris on a lazy summer afternoon. The expansive space pays tribute to its French heritage with magnificent chandeliers, 19th century Impressionist paintings and pictures of famous French icons adorning the walls, and an ambience reminiscent of a quaint home by the countryside. With prominent locations at Nation Galleria and Marina Mall, the café promises to take diners on a cultural journey against this intimate setting. Discover traditional recipes with a menu that champions fresh, local produce and rare imported ingredients. Standout dishes include the classic and hearty French onion soup, puff pastries filled with a creamy chicken stuffing, and calamari sautéed with garlic, lemon and fresh herbs. But if you’re anything like us, it’s the restaurant’s quintessentially French breakfast specials, think fluffy omelettes, and crispy waffles, that will keep you coming back for more.


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