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Downtown feast

Gautier Gaschi, executive chef at Address Boulevard, tells us what makes the hotel a signature dining destination in the heart of Dubai’s bustling Downtown district

There’s always something exciting cooking up at Address Boulevard. Nestled in the heart of Downtown Dubai, the hotel is home to an array of culinary concepts promising flavours from around the world. At the helm is chef Gautier Gaschi who brings more than 20 years of expertise to his role as executive chef. Having worked at several Michelin-starred restaurants across Europe, he oversees the culinary operations at the hotel and works behind the scenes with an expert team to deliver a distinctive dining experience.

Tell us about your journey as a chef and how it all began?

“I have been fascinated with cooking since the age of seven. As a little boy, I enjoyed helping my grandmother and mother in the kitchen. Their traditional cooking methods have greatly influenced my culinary style. My French heritage has also contributed to my skills in the kitchen. I come from Alsace, where food is celebrated as an integral part of the local culture.”

How would you describe your signature culinary style?

“This is what I’ve always been taught – you put simplicity together with authenticity and you have the winning formula for every meal. That being said, cooking a simple recipe is not as easy as it might seem because all you have are a few ingredients to create a dish that’s full of flavour.”

As executive chef, what does your typical day at Address Boulevard look like?

“I oversee all the culinary operations at the hotel and work with a great team at The Restaurant at Address Boulevard. It’s our signature dining venue and we work to deliver an exceptional experience to every guest. My role also involves ensuring everything from in-room dining and treats served at the lobby lounge to catering for banquets flows smoothly. Presently, we’re also getting ready to raise the curtain on two new concepts at the hotel and I’m working with the team to curate an exciting menu overflowing with innovative dishes.” 

What inspires the culinary philosophy at The Restaurant at Address Boulevard?

“For us, it’s all about quality food prepared with simplicity, creativity and consistency. We cater to all types of palettes and we have food for every mood. The interiors of the restaurant are also designed as such to deliver a dining experience that surpasses the ordinary. When we launched The Restaurant at Address Boulevard, we became the first hotel in the region to introduce the concept of dining in a space designed to resemble a home. Guests can enjoy a refined gourmet experience in the Dining Room. The Library is a great spot to catch up on meetings, while the Game Room and Music Room offer a dynamic atmosphere for socialising. During the cooler months, the outdoor terrace serves as the ideal corner for al fresco meals. The idea behind it was to make sure that every guest feels comfortable, as though they were dining at home.” 

What’s the one dish that guests simply have to try?

“It’s hard to pick just one. Every dish is amazing. But the roast chicken with truffle and foie gras is one of our most popular menu items and you’ll definitely want to come back for more.”

What keeps you busy when you’re not behind the scenes in the kitchen?

“Family is a priority and when I’m not at work, you’ll find me spending time with my kids. I especially enjoy cooking for them. Pasta with a simple tomato sauce is one of their favourites and I love preparing it. I also enjoy taking my bicycle around the city. Dubai is home to numerous cycling tracks and if you’re looking to get active outdoors, it’s one of the best ways to make the most of your time.”

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