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Coya Abu Dhabi returns to the art scene

The venue has launched a new contemporary art exhibition titled Spirit Animals

COYA Abu Dhabi roars back into the art scene by launching a contemporary art exhibition experience titled Spirit Animals alongside leading art gallery, N2N.

A purveyor of vibrant art, the Peruvian venue is set to host art maestro, Nina Murashkina, and her collection constituting artistic exploration of animals and their role in symbolism. Available to book, guests will be able to discover the artwork closely in a socially distanced manner while enjoying a delectable lunch service at the restaurant.

In her new painting series, the weight of the composition recalls the animals: their central position in a colourful red or golden background, centres all the attention on their expression, colour, and movement. This imaginative space and forms with the action reminds viewers of the Medieval Bestiaries, like the “Bestiarie d’amour”. There is a part of the eternal form of the symbol, but also a new, personal vision which brings these artworks to the core of the contemporary art world.

“For me, it was an unexpected but interesting challenge to create a series of works with fantastic animals, almost without a human figure,” says Nina. “Each animal has its own mystical and allegorical meaning. A certain secret, a special secret code that can be read by each viewer in his own way.”

For instance, the ‘Black Cat’ is for the artist the keeper of the hearth and the home is represented with a funny and wise golden smile. The ‘Red Horse’, a horse disguised as a unicorn, is masculine by attitude but feminine in the delicate patterns and expression of the eyes.

However, it is the ‘Leopard Cat’ that deserves to be admired for its intricate details. The ct is depicted as engrossed, posed with imperturbable calm and unbothered by the lips and strong golden waves of the troubled world in the background. With a look from a deep reality, he tells us “don’t worry too much, life will go on as always, I have seen it many times” – an apt message for current times.


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