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Bollywood dreams

Don’t we all love a classic good-triumphs-over-evil tale? Add to that a spectacular combination of music, dance, drama and action, and you have yourself the winning formula for a successful Bollywood production – one that takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride with every change in sequence. And that’s exactly the experience you are promised with Dubai Parks and Resorts’ Broadway-style Bollywood musical, Jaan-e-Jigar. In this riveting two-hour tale, masterful storytelling meets a larger than life world to bring the magic of the Indian film industry to life. Fans can definitely count themselves in for a treat!

Set in the fabled town of Ishqabad, the story chronicles the journey of two brothers, Jaanbaaz and Jigar, born to the royal family. In a cruel twist of fate, the siblings are separated at birth, only to find themselves reunited years later. Together, they join forces to unearth a series of events that led to the kingdom’s fall from grace and fight to restore its former glory. Stringing this spellbinding plot together are a number of toe-tapping song and dance sequences that make for an entertaining evening out on the town.

Need to know…

Show timings

  1. Monday to Thursday @6pm

  2. Friday @4pm and @8pm

  3. Saturday @6pm


  1. Start from AED95 per person with access to Bollywood Parks Dubai

The gripping tale is brought to life by eight key characters, all of whom have received high praise for their noteworthy performances, in addition to 54 other supporting performers. From the noble king Salamat Shah and his sons to his treacherous sister Marjaani, whose thirst for power knows no bounds, the contrasting personalities of every character shines through effortlessly. Completing the remarkable cast are Gulpari and Jharna, the two leading ladies who play love interests to the brothers, Nashook, a conniving jester and Jugnu, the king’s loyal guardian. Adding the perfect element of cheer to the intense drama on stage are all the makings of a Bollywood blockbuster – energetic dance numbers, powerful background score and colourful costumes. Watch in amazement as the charming young princes brave every hurdle along the way to emerge victorious, winning over the hearts of their subjects and the audiences, too.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. To make your experience at Dubai Parks and Resorts even more entertaining, every spot you book for the show also gives you access to the theme park itself. So be sure to head over earlier to Bollywood Parks Dubai with plenty of time to spare exploring the park’s many attractions including the interactive rides and stunt shows. Wrap your evening up on delicious note with a meal at Mughal-e-Azam, the fine-dining restaurant that champions traditional Indian cuisine inspired by the royal kingdoms of 16th and 17th-century India.


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