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Boardwalk in Dubai launches a new breakfast menu

This new breakfast offering at Boardwalk. Dubai Creek Yacht Club has everything needed for a power-packed start

Looking for a hearty breakfast in Dubai? Curated by the restaurant’s talented team of chefs, Boardwalk’s breakfast menu has everything you will need for a morning that seems so relaxed, yet gives your day an energetic start. They’re calling it the ‘Late Breakfast Affair’ and it has everything needed to deem your weekend perfect.

Served on Fridays and Saturdays from 11:30 to 1pm, this is breakfast for those who want to enjoy a longer weekend lie-in. Head over to Dubai Creek Yacht Club, where the setting in magical, right on the banks of Dubai Creek. Nautical vibes reign supreme here and it’s easy to think you’re transported to the Mediterranean coast in a single visit.

For AED98, breakfast will see cocktail oysters, avocado hummus, shakshouka-style poached eggs and pineapple tarte tatin. For an additional AED98, you can also add free-flowing mimosas to get started with breakfast on a high note.

To make a booking, visit the Boardwalk website.


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