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Al Ain Zoo underscores its commitment to global wildlife conservation

Al Ain Zoo offers a safe home for almost 4,000 animals from around the world. In a spectacular location in the UAE’s garden city, the zoo has managed to build homes for and safeguard some of the world’s most endangered species.

Since its establishment over 52 years, Al Ain Zoo has been able to achieve great success in conserving wildlife, protecting animals and providing them with the environment to live in peace and safety, as well as nurturing endangered animals from wrongful human practices and urbanisation.

With an outstanding track record, Al Ain Zoo follows international standards for best practices related to the conservation of endangered animals and the protection of wildlife. Additionally, the zoo continues to offer great support for conservation efforts by participating in 59 breeding programs.

Efforts began in 1968 and were initially created to protect Arabian oryx and bustard. Following the success, work went on with further breeding efforts and veterinary care for other rare and critically endangered species, including dama gazelle, addax, Arabian sand cat, Arabian leopard, scimitar-horned oryx, and Arabian tahr: many of these species are almost or completely extinct in the wild; a result of human practices like illegal trade, habitat loss and poaching.

To further its commitment to preserving global wildlife, the zoo’s representatives also recently visited the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in the Republic of Kenya. The primary aim was to participate in international movements and local initiatives to enhance awareness about the conservation of critically endangered species and encourage communities to protect wildlife and sustain the genetic diversity of endangered species.


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