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From an ecommerce website that provides a shop window to all your services through to easy-to-create branded microsites for your clients, events and different types of programmes; MyConcierge offers a powerful engagement platform that will help you to win business, keep business and earn money on delegate spend.

We have your customers' journey and needs in mind and realise that every group is different. With MyConcierge you can choose to operate open or closed login websites (multiple sites can be set-up and managed from the CMS); with or without ecommerce; add a members’ area where you display experiences that match a survey you sent from the MyConcierge CMS; send out emails from the built-in CRM; converse with logged in delegates on live chat or allow them to call you from their App. Our versatile platform contains everything you need.

​Imagine setting up a website for association delegates; another for spouses; and incorporate your clients' branding on each. Add experiences to each site from your central database and support registered delegates with live customer service delivered in their members' areas where they can view experiences that are exactly matched to their profile and preferences. All of this and more can be done in minutes through the tools available on MyConcierge.

​Here’s a quick list of how our DMC solution can get to work for your company:

  • Your own branded website and App for guests to be inspired and book experiences                          

  • Multiple sub-sites that you can create from the CMS with your client/event branding   


  • Ability to package each subsite into a custom App                                                                              

  • Ecommerce functionality with offers that can be easily uploaded to your CMS and made available for selection from all your MyConcierge created web-sites                                                                 

  • Built-in CRM that can be populated through member surveys sent out directly from the system        

  • Built-in email system linked to CRM (bookings and customer records)

  • Make approved experiences available to delegates booking from your website and App                    

  • Earn commission on off-site experiences booked with third parties                                                    

  • Engage your customer service team and structure rewards based on their performance (monitored through our platform)

Extension of your team

Our team can also become your team. We offer full-service packages to hotel partners in the UAE, Greece and Lebanon with other destinations coming on-line soon.

Sound good? Contact us to learn more.

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